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Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Program
South Dakota women have help to cover the cost of breast and cervical cancer screening. Mammograms, Pap smears and related exams are available at no cost to eligible women at many doctors' offices, mammography units, family planning and other health clinics.
The All Women Count! Program serves women 30-64 years of age for Pap smears, 40-64 for mammograms, without insurance to pay for screening exams, and who have insurance but cannot pay the deductible or co-payment. Mammograms for women ages 30-39 require preauthorization through their healthcare provider. The program pays providers directly.

AWC! Webinar

The All Women Count! Program hosted an informational webinar on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Here is the presentation and video for your review. 


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Forms & Program Materials
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News & Information

The All Women Count! Program is reflected in the Office of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 2020 Strategic Map - the vision is that all South Dakotans will enjoy healthy lives free from the devastation of chronic diseases.
Services & Eligibility
More than 250 individual providers and facilities (primary care physicians, mid-level providers, specialists, surgeons, radiology centers, pathology laboratories, hospitals and clinics) deliver services for All Women Count!

Women who meet the income guidelines below are eligible for Pap tests if they are 30-64 and for mammograms if they are 40-64. Mammograms for women 30-39 are covered if preapproved through their healthcare provider.

How to Enroll
  1. To find out if you are eligible, call your local health care provider, check this services and eligibility site, or call the All Women Count! Program at 1-800-738-2301 (in SD only).
  2. If eligible, enroll at the local health care provider site. If you do not have a provider, find one near you by checking this primary provider listing or call All Women Count! Program at 1-800-738-2301 (in SD only).
  3. Call the provider to schedule an appointment and complete enrollment.
All Women Count! is a member of the South Dakota Women's Cancer Network. The Network provides direct assistance to South Dakota women who need but cannot afford diagnostic and treatment services for breast and cervical cancer. To make a donation, contact the South Dakota Department of Health 1-800-738-2301.

Primary & Mammography Providers
Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Primary & Mammography Providers
To find an All Women Count! primary care or mammography provider in your area, select your county from the list below. If there are no providers currently listed for your county, select a neighboring county.

Breast & Cervical Cancer Statistics

Source: South Dakota Cancer Registry
To see AWC! specific data -

Early Detection Saves Lives
Women are more likely to live when breast and cervical cancer are found early. All women are at risk for having breast cancer and the risk gets higher as we age. Mammograms can find breast lumps up to two years before they can be felt. Finding breast cancer early often means less surgery and a better chance to get well. Signs of cervical cancer may not show up until the disease is far along. The pap smear finds cervical cancer before you know you have it. Found early, cervical cancer is nearly 100% curable.
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