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What is the 80% pledge?
It is a movement in which organizations across the country have committed to substantially reducing colorectal cancer as a major public health problem and are working toward the shared goal of reaching 80% screened for colorectal cancer. The South Dakota Department of Health and many other organizations in SD have made the pledge to do their part to reach 80%.

Click here to learn more about this effort and how you can be a part of it.

How does our clinic or hospital make a pledge?
Take the pledge to join other SD clinics and hospitals. You can find the list of SD organizations here. Thank you to these South Dakota organizations for signing the 80% pledge.

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The following South Dakota healthcare professionals have achieved the goal of screening 80% of their patients age 50-75 years old. Join us in congratulating them on helping us reach our statewide goal of 80% in Every Community! You can help by joining the movement and reminding your patients that screening can prevent colorectal cancer or find it early, when treatment is most successful.

Sanford Sioux Falls Internal Medicine Clinic

Sanford Sioux Falls Women's Internal Medicine

Sanford 49th & Oxbow Family Medicine Clinic

SANFORD 69th & minnesota family medicine clinic

What can your clinic or hospital do to reach 80% in Every Community?
Steps to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates
  • Step #1: Make a Plan
  • Step #2: Assemble a Team
  • Step #3: Get Patients Screened
  • Step #4: Coordinate Care Across the Continuum
To learn more about implementing these steps in your facility, refer to Steps for Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates: A Manual for Community Health Centers. This manual was developed for community health centers but has many practical tips and resources that can be implemented in any healthcare setting.

Recognition of clinics who reach 80% or significantly increase their screening rate.
Recognize healthcare facilities and staff that have reached the 80% screening mark or have significantly increased their screening rates. Submit information for recognition to: Brooke Lusk at

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in cancers that affect both men and women, but many can be prevented with regular testing. In February 2000, President Clinton officially dedicated March as National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Since then, it has grown to be a rallying point for the colon cancer community where thousands of patients, survivors, caregivers and advocates throughout the country join together to spread colon cancer awareness by wearing blue, holding fundraising and education events, talking to friends and family about screening and so much more.

Send your Go Blue! pictures to Brooke Lusk at to display on the website during the month of March.